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Italy has one of the richest histories in Europe, leaving only the history of Greece. It is also one of the most recently united European countries. The landscape of the country is diverse, and the long cultural tradition is reflected in the ruins of temples and classic sculptures, medieval castles and magnificent renaissance churches and paintings. Italy is the most popular country in Europe and the second most visited country in the world. It has an abundance of attractions that can satisfy all tastes, from ski areas to climbing to Mediterranean and Adriatic beaches. All major cities, especially Rome, Florence and Venice, are architectural and cultural attractions. Every year Italy visits fifty million tourists. Today Italy has an area of ​​301 227 km / 2. The country is surrounded by four seas: Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, Adriatic and Ionian. The highest peak on the Italian-French border in the Alps is Mont Blanc (4807m) and Monte Rosa (4634m) on the Swiss-Italian border. Italy is a peninsula shaped like a shoe. The largest island of Italy is Sicily. The largest volcano in Italy is Mount Etna which is the highest active volcano in Europe. The second volcano in Italy is Mount Vesuvius, which was commemorated by a catastrophe in 1979. Flooding Pompeii. In the Alps the climate is frosty and with heavy snow a, in the south of Italy it is warm and humid.

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