Język angielski
2018-07-09 18:10:57
Opisz pokój (załącznik) po angielsku używając behind,between,in front of,near,next to,on,under :) proszę o szybką pomoc daje 37 pkt
2018-07-09 22:18:10

The room is very dark. In the front of the doors there is a white desk. In the corner of the room there is a big white wardbrobe filled with some books and boxes, and there is a mirror next to it. There is a clock near it. On the desk there is a white computer and silver lamp. There is also a window up to the desk. The front wall is light grey colour, but the side walls are dark grey. Under the desk there are two chairs, one is white but the other one is black. The design of the room is very modern. Mam nadzieję że jest 100 słów

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