Język angielski
2021-09-15 08:11:37
Pilne ! błagam was pomóżcie. 1 Complete 1–10 with must, could, might, ought to or had to. 1 Last year I had a really important exam, so I ________ work hard for it. 2 The house is really quiet. I think my parents ________ be out. 3 I think you ________ get a job as a waiter. The pay is good and it’s fun. 4 They ________ be at work, but it‘s Sunday, so I don’t think so. 5 My hair looks awful. I really ________ go to the hairdresser. 6 I ________ be away visiting my friends that weekend. 7 When I was a child I ________ brush my teeth four times a day. 8 You ________ email your friends. I’m sure they could help. 9 He ________ be 20, but he looks more like 35 to me. 10 You ________ stop smoking. It’s bad for you.     Complete 1–10 with can’t, mustn’t, shouldn’t or don’t have to. 1 You ________ get in after 11.00pm. They lock the doors. 2 You ________ spend all that money. Why not keep some for your holiday? 3 Who’s cooking tonight? It ________ be Sue as she’s away. 4 You ________ take dogs or bicycles on trains in some countries. 5 Maybe we ________ make too much noise because of the people next door. 6 She ________ be American. She doesn’t speak English. 7 I ________ eat potatoes, pasta, bread or ice-cream. I’m trying to lose weight. 8 You ________ go to the bank. I got some money for us this morning. 9 You ________ get married until you’re 16 in the UK. 10 Great news! I ________ clean my room. My brother did it yesterda    3 Each of these sentences has an extra word or a wrong word. Correct the mistake by crossing out the extra word or writing the right word above the wrong word. 1 I usually get myself up at about 8 o’clock after my father calls me. 2 They often go out and enjoy himself at the weekend. 3 I hurt ourselves when I fell downstairs. 4 She feels himself very happy at the moment. 5 They didn’t behave them very well last night. 6 Make it you! I can’t because I’m much too busy. 7 She lives alone so she has to take care of her. 8 My grandmother worries herself about our family. 9 I remember myself when you came last year. 10 There’s lots more food, John, so please help you       Proszę o pomoc osoby,ktore sa pewnego tego co piszą i dobrze znają angielski !!!!!!  
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