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2017-09-28 03:28:07
przepisz podany tekst w formie Past Simple a następnie odpowiedz na pytania do tekstu. PLS o szybki odpowiedzi daje naj
2017-09-28 03:57:18

In the morning I got up quickly, opened the window, and switched on the radio. At half past seven I went to the bathroom and took a cold shower. Then I dressed. At a quarter to eight, I sat down by the table and ate breakfast. Then I kissed my mom, put on my coat and shoes and I went to school. I came to the school at 9.00 in the morning. I ate lunch at 1:00 pm. I ate a sandwitch and a salad and drank some coke. I finished school at 5:00 pm. I walked home to get some fresh air. When I came home I had dinner. After dinner I read a newspaper, watched TV, did homework and went for a walk with my family. I went to sleep at around midnight.  1. He went to the bathroom at half past seven. 2. He had gotten up, taken a cold shower, dressed, eaten breakfast before he went to school. 3. He ate a sandwitch and a salad. 4. He finished school at 5 pm. 5. After dinner he read a newspaper, watched TV, did homework, went for a walk with his family and went to sleep.

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