Język angielski
2017-09-25 04:17:17
prosze o rozwiązanie niestety z angielskiego jestem słaby daje 10 pkt dla pierwszej osoby , Thx za pomoc ;)
2017-09-25 06:00:05

Would you like to go to scotland She wont be a doctor What would you like for breakfast I’d like to phone her Alice want to buy this house   have sarah ever helped you? We haevent started our ptoject yet She has already cleaned her house The students didn’t pass the exams yet John neer painted his room Where did they live lately?   Did he visit you since i lfet Mary was whatching tv for two hours Paul didn’t dance tango for 10 years He have stayed in brazil since 1986 I didn’t went to itali for a long time Where did tome live since he moved? Did they redecortate their house since Celia have waited for her sister for a hour  

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